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Presentation is integral to leadership, sales & marketing, pitching an idea… nearly every facet of professional success. Pat Rocchi Communications will coach you and your executives to build your skills, leading to great presentations and a powerful presence. You can even hire Pat himself to rev up your audience with one of his award-winning keynote speeches.

SPEECH/COACH — Pat Rocchi Communications promotes the power of the spoken word. Improve your own speeches with world-class coaching and speechwriting. Or you can invite Pat to inspire your audience with a rousing keynote address.

  • Speechwriter — Memorable words that, when spoken, create lasting impressions. Pat creates compelling speeches for leaders and executives in corporations, academia, community groups and others.
  • Speech & Media Coach — Convey the message and mission of your organization with power and clarity. Pat coaches top leaders, executives and professionals for major speeches and media appearances.
  • Keynote Speaker — Pat shares a variety of captivating lessons to his audiences, such as Managing Change during Uncertainty, Personal Branding, or How to Present Like a Pro. Informative, fun, memorable, meaningful.
  • Seminar Leader — Pat’s presentations are all personalized and customized for each client. Click here for a full list.


Speaking in Business - by Pat Rocchi

Toastmaster magazine published
an article I wrote titled:

Speaking in Business:
Five Lessons in Corporate Communication