Communication Designer

Pat Rocchi Communications.
Messages Built Here.

Pat Rocchi Communications is your "in-house" creative team. We are there to boost your organization's communication skills, whether you are addressing your customers' needs, your employees' satisfaction with their jobs, or a crisis that has come upon you unexpectedly. No budget for full-time help? Pat Rocchi Communications becomes members of the home team.

COMMUNICATION DESIGNER — Inspire your customers or your employees, build a brand or repair your image. Whatever your message, we develop the content, the media mix and the distribution.  With our help, you can reach anyone you wish with
any message needed.

  • Writer  — Words that sing, words that ring, for many audiences and many purposes: copy, articles, white papers, more. Our words have been part of many media, yet our versatility stands alone.
  • Media Relations — We help you know the media professionals who can help their audiences know about you. Optimal positive coverage for optimal recognition.
  • Internal Communications — Communications occurs from the inside out. As you lead your company through its challenges and triumphs, we can help you rally your most important asset – your employees.
  • Crisis Communications — Nothing focuses your attention as when reporters arrive unannounced. We have defused employee accidents, strikes and other potential catastrophes, and we can be there for you, too.
  • Community & Government Relations — We help you become an integral part of your community, conveying information to your neighbors that helps maximize favorable opinion and minimize local barriers to success.
  • Meeting & Event Management — People want an EVENT, not just a meeting. We bring together the lighting, staging, entertainment and more to give everyone a big WOW!